9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks


9:10 am Opening Keynote: Accelerating the Journey to Digital Insurance: Leading Our Organizations to Deliver Next Steps


• Establishing an enterprise-wide vision for delivering efficient, tailored services which meet customer expectations of the digital era
• Influencing the board that now is the time, this has to be a priority, making it happen
• Gaining the buy-in to invest in new technologies: Going beyond cost-savings and demonstrating measures of quality and value
• Closing the gap of progress towards digital transformation across Latin American insurance; vs other geographies, vs. other industries
• Turning the impossible into the possible: How do we embrace innovation and change to recreate our future?

9:50 am Developing a Digital Transformation Roadmap & Determining Your Priorities


• Reviewing where should to start on the digital transformation roadmap: Cultural, structural, strategy, teams, technology
• Taking an enterprise-wide approach to transformation: Aligning, prioritizing, planning parallel tracks of digital activities
• Establishing your work methodology for agile working and effective process change
• Prioritizing large-scale transformational projects vs. smaller quick-wins; Balancing immediate requirements with longer-term objectives
• Going from today to the future: Practical steps, implementation strategies and timelines

10:30 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

11:20 am Audience Discussion: Taking a Customer-Centric Approach to Transformation: Integrating Traditional With Digital


• Balancing needs and meeting expectations of the 2020 customer: Traditional Vs Millennials
• Taking an omnichannel approach to your customer interactions
• Utilizing technology to make things quicker and more simple– but also adding value
• Redesigning the customer experience so that the technology environment aligns with the customer every step of the way
• Selling the benefits of digitalization to the customer and engaging them in the use of technology

12:00 pm COO & CIO Fireside Chat: From Traditional to Transformational – Creating a Culture of Innovation & Agility

  • Andres Reimpell Chief Operating Officer, MUNICH RE
  • Fabio Polonio Digital Transformation, Data Science and AI Researcher Associate Partner, MM2G


• Successfully selling the value and vision for digital transformation across all departments to challenge skepticism about new technologies
• Balancing the need for innovation and process optimization vs business as usual
• Structuring our technology teams to deliver change yet minimize disruption

12:40 pm Lunch


1:40 pm Building Capacity & Capability to Scale Digital Transformation Programs


• How to build an agile structure that will support digital transformation
• Reviewing the case for establishing innovation teams and how to build them successfully
• Assessing the decision-making criteria for determining when to hire or when to outsource
• What’s available on the market to help us meet our digital goals
• Opening ourselves to the idea of working with external suppliers with specific knowledge and technical capability
• Exploring the role, benefits and risks of partnering with Insurtechs and how to make these partnerships work
• Ciclic’s Case Study – owned by Banco do Brasil Seguros and Principal Group

2:20 pm Implementing a People Strategy Designed to Enable Successful Transformation


• Preparing our teams for the future ways we’ll conduct our business across all functions and disciplines
• Identifying new talent requirements to deliver the plan: Recruitment, upskilling and training
• Structuring the change so transformation becomes a natural process
• Challenging our people to embrace change and use the new tools and methodologies provided

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm Case Study: Fostering Collaboration Between IT & Business to Deliver a Business-Led Approach


• Taking a business-led approach to digital transformation: Our approach and story to date
• Taking measures to unite IT with Business for strategic decision-making to identify business problems and drive solutions that meet their needs
• Educating data engineers and IT on the business context to allow them to prepare infrastructure required for successful digital transformation across all functions
• Delivering training programs and providing tools to help managers learn about digital transformation and to understand what is required of them

4:10 pm How to Think Like an Insurtech to Inspire Your Digital Transformation Program


• Why InsurTech and why now
• What is InsurTech?
• The combination of People, Process and Technology
• Customer First
• Rethinking Your Digital Strategy

4:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks and End of Day One

5:30 pm End of Day One